Wind is available as a keynote speaker and to bring her Workshops or Presentation to your event.

You can also request that a unique workshop can be specifically created for your event.

Here is a partial list of workshops and presentations Wind is currently offering.

Each workshop can be presented in a one day or weekend format.

Passages of the Divine Feminine:


The Maiden, Mother, Queen & Crone

Once we know our
divine nature as the feminine principle,
deep in our bones,
deep in our loins, deep in our ancient memory,
we are never the same.

Live in the spirit of the wild Maiden - the creative heart of the Mother - the powerful fire of the Queen & the wisdom of the Crone!


The Sacred Wheel:


 The Sacred Wheel mirrors the Natural Laws of Creation as they exist in the cycles of nature and rhythms of the universe.

 The Wheel is a universal symbol of life and nature.

Each culture expresses the teachings reflected in the wheel in their own unique way, deriving the wisdom from the natural rhythm and cycles of their specific region.

This often includes: moon phases, the resonance of color & animal spirits, stages of life, seasons, archetypal stages of life, ritual, and spirit as the transcendent center of all things embodied in the rhythms, cycles and essence of the natural world.



The Shaman Workshops:

Aligning with the Natural Laws Of Creation as they are mirrored in nature is the underlying power of the Shaman. In the Shaman workshops we explore cultivate the understanding and application of these laws as a guide for living as powerful creators and manifestors.



Sistas We are Witches:

Earth-Based Traditions & The Ways of Womyn

It is already in your bones, your cells, your soul - calling you.
It is time to remember what has been forgotten. 
I know as you sit in nature you feel it.

This wisdom is drawn from a variety of traditions and reflects the deeper underlying wisdom of Earth-based traditions as Womyn have practiced since the beginning of time.


Becoming a Spiritual R-Evolutionary®  


Spiritual awakening is a powerful political act that can change your life, and the world.

When we spiritually awaken how we view the world, our lives and our choices changes.

The social and political implications become obvious.

It takes each one of us to create the change we envision - to dream a new dream of reality:

Our individual dream and our collective one.

We can change the world - one person, one intention at a time.



Calling In Your SOULMATE:

Are you ready for your beloved life partner to show up?
They are out there looking for you!!

The Quantum principle of science and how this universe works applies to calling in your soulmate too.