The Sacred Wheel:


The Sacred Wheel mirrors the Natural Laws of Creation as they exist in the cycles of nature and rhythms of the universe.

The Wheel is a universal symbol of life and nature.

Each culture expresses the teachings reflected in the wheel in their own unique way, deriving the wisdom from the natural rhythm and cycles of their specific region.

This often includes: moon phases, the resonance of color & animal spirits, stages of life, seasons, archetypal stages of life, ritual, and spirit as the transcendent center of all things embodied in the rhythms, cycles and essence of the natural world.

This workshop presents:

these teachings in a manner that is accessible, and easy to incorporate into our daily lives.

In many cultures the wheel is divided into four or more directions. Each direction embodies a season with cycles and elements pertaining to that season on the wheel.

All of this information is available to each of us if we listen closely to Nature and observe watch the cycles of her changing form and her amazing creatures. They are speaking to us, telling us a story.

We will focus on understanding how these teachings are used in ritual and ceremony, and how they empower and guide our lives.

The original sabbats and holy days of all peoples are in some way aligned with turning of the Sacred Wheel. In earlier times we were connected to nature in a most intimate way: our survival depending upon our agriculturally based communities.

In todays world we often miss the teachings of this most simple and yet profound mirror. Step into the world of rhythm and cycles, mirrors and powers and align you life in an intimate relationship with the Sacred Wheel.

“Four Seasons” By Artist Walter-Crane

“Four Seasons” By Artist Walter-Crane