"Beyond All Thought

Beyond All Emotion And Physical form

In The Stillness Of The Silence,

We Discover Who We Truly Are."


Wind Hughes aka The Feminine Shaman™ is a practicing licensed Individual, Marriage & Family Therapist, award-winning Author, Reiki Master, Activist, Musician and Minister.

For nearly four decades, she has combined her experience with Reiki and energy work, along with her licensing as a massage therapist to create the foundation of her integrative approach to her professional counseling practice and ceremonial work.

She founded Highest Good Coaching, a proprietary system she developed for assisting people in discovering their innate ability to attain and live from their fullest potential.

Her vast experience as a psychotherapist provided her the opportunity to cultivate, in her life and work, sincere heartfelt compassion, and a deep understanding of human nature - which now enables her to quickly, and effectively, support clients and students in achieving their life and wellness goals.

Wind has also founded and trademarked a spiritual initiative, program & network dedicated to changing the world - one being, one intention at a time entitled: Spiritual R-Evolutionary. It began with a manifesto for intending an evolutionary unity consciousness based community and approach to life.

Wind's Women's Circles, and Initiation Programs support women in reclaiming the ancient ways of women. Her shaman series, mixed gender initiation programs and her Earth-Based and transcendent teachings provide a way of incorporating ancient wisdom and mystical knowledge into our daily living, and reclaiming the art of sacred ritual and ceremony.

Wind captivates audiences with her singing, chanting and drumming, to facilitate an experience she calls - TRANCE-FORMATIONAL . Musically she collaborates with her husband, Kevin Wood, writing and composing for WoodWind productions under Wammybox Records.

Wind was founder and co-executive director of Mountain Spirit Productions, dedicated to providing a forum for wisdom-keepers, scientists, and visionaries. She was also co-founder of the Daughters-Sisters project 501C3, which resulted in her award winning, ground-breaking book Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun: Young Women and Mentors On The Transition to Womanhood (New Society Publishers - with Linda Wolf). Wind has also authored the children's books Dragon.s Beach (World Sangha Publishing - with Christopher Love), and other CD’s and DVD's.

She is also the author of the newly released book Life is the Ceremony: How We Live It Is The Ritual - The Journey Of A Feminine Shaman (Outskirts Press) and is launching a new women's initiation course under the moniker of The Feminine Shaman.

In her practice Wind offers Highest Good Coaching, integrative coaching and counseling, Reiki, energy work, sound vibrational balancing and Shamanic sessions. She works with individuals, couples, groups and organizations via phone, skype and onsite sessions in her Sebastopol, CA office. She also facilitates ritual and ceremony for life celebrations, transitions, the celebration of the Sabbats and the working of Shamanic intention and healing. Wind travels offering workshops and presentations.