Passages of the Divine Feminine:


The Maiden, Mother, Queen & Crone

Once we know our 
divine nature as the feminine principle, 
deep in our bones, 
deep in our loins, deep in our ancient memory, 
we are never the same. 

Live in the spirit of the wild Maiden - the creative heart of the Mother - the powerful fire of the Queen & the wisdom of the Crone!

Dive into her guidance & her power, her light side & her dark side, as you embrace where she lives within you, and on the Sacred Wheel: The Maiden in Spring, The Mother in Summer, The Queen in Autumn and the Crone in Winter.

Experience a heart full of love and compassion for your own divine journey, the women in your lives, those who have come before & those yet to come!

Though each stage may be symbolized by a woman of a particular age and stage of life, their essences are interwoven within us. We embody aspects of the Maiden, Mother and Crone within us always, yet we can see where one archetype may more powerfully influence a particular stage of our life.

We are always changing and transforming ourselves. If we clung to what once was, we would be resisting the natural changes and rhythms of our being. Imagine if the trees hung on to their leaves and didn’t allow them to drop in the fall. The branches would not be bare in the winter, so the trees would send nutrients to the old leaves, still clinging, when it should be sending all of its energy to the inner tree, preparing for the spring. Imagine then in the spring when the new leaves tried to stir and could not come through because the old leaves were blocking their way. We have seasons of our lives just like the trees and it helps to understand how we move through them.

Each stage has particular tasks that are best when accomplished at that time. When the tasks of the previous stage are actualized then a solid foundation is laid for the accomplishments of the following stage. It’s like building a house. If the foundation of the house is not solid and well built than no matter how beautiful and well built the house, it rests on unstable support. Eventually the beautiful house will begin to show signs of stress and strain. Until one day they may have to jack the house up so they can get underneath to reinforce the foundation. If we have not properly completed the earlier tasks in our lives we too, at a later date, may have to “jack  up” parts of ourselves to allow us to get underneath to deeper levels of earlier experiences and make “repairs.”

When we embrace and integrate the passages of our divine feminine we free ourselves to live fully and to be all of who we are.