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  • Meditation and Conscious Breathing

Wind Hughes has been the well of wisdom and clarity for me, individually and for my wife as a couple for 15 years, or more. When Wind moved from Taos, our sense of loss was soon replaced with a sense of relief that we were able to do our sessions via Skype. We miss her presence in Taos, but her help which we have relied on for years, continues with the added convenience of not having to leave your home.
— PL, Taos, NM

Skype and Phone Sessions:

Sessions are available in my Sebastopol, CA office. When that is not possible sessions are available via Skype or phone.

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What is Highest Good Coaching?

Highest Good Coaching is a professional coaching process I developed that embraces the premise that each of us are experts in our own lives. My role as a coach is to guide my clients in accessing the wisdom and clarity necessary to reach their goals. With a gentle nudge, and the acquisition of new tools, clients can achieve awareness of undermining patterns and apply new skills to empowering their choices, and their ability, to manifest the life of their own creative design.

Highest Good Coaching service strives to support clients in achieving their desired goals as quickly as possible by identify blocks and self-imposed or limiting beliefs that separate the individual from their true nature. Unlike psychotherapy, coaching does not focus on psychological or psychiatric disorders. Instead it leads the client into a journey of self-discovery with my guidance and forty years of experience incorporating alternative healing modalities, traditional therapy and earth based wisdom.

Curious About Others Experience:

Highest Good Coaching


My professional clinical and Shamanic worlds weave together a colorful and eclectic tapestry made from decades of living, studying and embodying the knowledge I have acquired. My commitment is to support people in their journey home to their true self, and life's purpose.

Who will benefit from HGC?

Highest Good Coaching works well with individuals, and couples, who are highly motivated to change, and is effective when clients are willing to release what no longer serves them, commit to utilizing new skills, and allow the vision of how they want their life to look - to emerge. HGC taps into an individual's inherent wisdom, trusting that after the blocks are cleared and veils are parted, we all know what is in our own Highest Good.


Individual clients frequently report coming away with a sense of empowerment that is imparted to every aspect of their lives. They discover the ability, and confidence, to achieve their goals and life dreams, and to practice living in alignment with their own intentions and highest good - intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. The tools for creating, manifesting and shifting our lives are straightforward and clear. It is within your power to use them. Clients are given the support they need to meet the challenges and excitement of self-mastery.


When we enter into a committed relationship we offer each other a most sacred gift - our life!

Couples emerge from this process with new skills for creating their life in tandem together while empowering their individual paths. Couples are often surprised at how quickly they are able to communicate more effectively and open their hearts to each other, even after long periods of distance and pain.

Developing conscious relationship skills supports couples in embracing the challenges of relationship as part of the process of loving and evolving. Couples work to keep their hearts open, even in the most painful of times, when the heart reflexively wants to close.

Living life in tandem with another being requires honest and clear communication and the commitment to work as a team towards manifesting a mutual vision. At times couples may feel their individual vision for their life seems to be evolving and moving in a different direction from than their partners. This can be confusing, and at times feel threatening to the relationship as you try to integrate two seemingly different paths into one in-tandem life. With Highest Good skills and an understanding of the natural laws of creation, even this sort of impasse has the possibility for a loving, mutually satisfying and empowering outcome.

I can facilitate you going as deep as you wish to go together. It is your journey - I can be your guide.


A “Highest Good” Staff:

I guide my clients in creating a Highest Good staff representing what they desire to create in their lives. This staff becomes a symbol of all the individual desires to manifest in their inner and outer world and to which all of their choices are measured. Couples create one as well for the in tandem vision of their life together. Working with this symbolic staff incorporates principles of focused intention which is essential in creation.

Integrative Sessions:

For those wishing a holistic approach - wellness programs, stress reduction, Reiki / energy work, breath work, inner journeying, meditation, spiritual practices and other approaches, and instruction, can be included as part of an integrative program supporting the coaching goals. A unique plan for your special journey is created.


Shamanic Coaching and Training:

There are times in each of our lives when we look for guidance to help us become clearer in our life's journey in a variety of ways. You may be called to go deeper into your true self and spiritual path. Maybe you are feeling the need to journey inward for healing, or resolution of old patterns that keep you stuck? You may seek a guide to help you integrate the spiritual experiences you have had, or the wisdom you already hold within, into your daily life. Your relationship may be ready to take the next step into deeper sacred intimacy and connection. Possibly you feel ready to acquire skills to help you expand your consciousness to include more spiritual levels of awareness, or the knowledge to help you live in greater harmony with nature and the sacred wheel of life.

You may feel called to spiritual initiation or service. Perhaps you are not sure what you need but you know you are being called to something more, and sacred.

Shamanic Coaching and training can help you explore and clarify what you are being called to do, and provide you the tools and skills to go deeper into yourself and your connection to the sacred and divine.

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Energy Medicine & Sound Healing:

Science now supports the ancient knowledge that health is a mind, body & spiritual reality. As a Reiki Master, with decades of experience in various energy and sound healing modalities, I can help support balance and health in your underlying energy systems that will support you creating a core foundation for wellness in which you can flourish. I have also developed a fine tuned ability to read emotional and spiritual imprints as they are reflected in the a persons energy field. Reiki, sound healing & energy work are gentle, but powerful modalities. An integrative program for those who are interested is available combining energy work, and Highest Good or Shamanic coaching, to help release underlying emotional blocks, re- vitalize your emotional and energetic body in support of your overall wellness. In addition to Reiki, basic polarity and intuitive work, my tools include vibrational/sound balancing with tuning forks and drum vibration.

Reiki Certification - Level 1, Level 11 and Reiki Master Initiation are available.


Ritual and Ceremony:

Ritual and ceremony are powerful tools for honoring life transitions, empowering a life vision, supporting healing and other general empowered intentions. Ritual is an essential and sacred part of life and community that has been relatively absent in our modern culture. It is time to reclaim the art of ritual and ceremony in our lives and remember what has been forgotten. The conscious alignment with the creative powers of the universe, as we see mirrored in the natural cycles and seasons of nature in sacred wheel of many traditions, and as quantum physics now affirms, allows us to move in our lives as the master we are. I can train you, and support you in returning this art into your life. I am also available to provide ritual and ceremony facilitation for the important life and spiritual events in your life and community.


Inner Journeying:

Through a gentle guided journey I accompany individuals on an exploration of their inner world, beneath their conscious awareness, enabling them to re-visit aspects of their being that still hold the imprint of past experiences, emotions and energy that may limit aspects of their being from being fully present and resolved in their lives today. Retrieving these vital parts of your being can revitalize and empower your life. Journeying can also be used as a tool to help you expand conscious beyond the limits of your normal state of awareness.


Meditation and Conscious Breathing:

The mind is like a noisy train coming down the tracks, taking us away from the center of our inner silence. Through developing meditation skills we can learn to not jump on that thought train as it passes. Instead we note the train as it comes through the mind station, allowing it to pass on without us on board. We instead can remain in the peaceful silence of our true nature.

There are simple breathing techniques that can help us to de-stress, maintain an inner calm and peace, and function as a tool for moving energy and expanding consciousness. Breathing is an autonomic biological process that many people pay little attention to. When breathing becomes a conscious process it is a doorway to a more expansive way of living and being.

I utilize a real-time neuro-feedback system with meditation and breath work students wanting immediate feedback on their progressing and honing their skills. These easy to use headphones translate your brain signals into sounds that signify your level of mindfulness, guiding you towards the doorway to deeper meditation. This immediate feedback allows clients to identify immediately when they have reached a deep state of relaxation and their skills are effective.