How to Create a Sacred "Living" Altar

Altars become imbued with your creative power and intent, and hold an imprint of all you do. They are alive.


Wind’s Newest Book

Life Is The Ceremony: How We Live It Is The Ritual – The Journey Of A Feminine Shaman


Imagine how your life would change if you discovered the secrets to understanding the Natural Laws of Creation?

What if you could access the wisdom of the ancients directly and were able to live your life as a spiritually awakened being, with an open heart, creating the life you dream of?

Wind Hughes is a modern-day feminine shaman. In this book, she takes you on a journey out of the confines of the body, to the expanded reaches of spiritual experience beyond life, as we know it. Life Is the Ceremony chronicles her visions, mystical experiences, meeting with teachers from other dimensions, and her use of ceremony to call in her soul mate. By sharing her personal journey through the mystical and quantum realms and integrating them into her personal and professional life, Wind makes the transcendent life accessible to everyone. LEARN MORE or READ THE REVIEWS



Joy - the natural state of our spirit.

“Even as we navigate the most painful experiences in our lives,
we must return to the divine nature of this journey we call life.

This is a simple truth - yet a challenging practice.”


Life is the Ceremony

Gather all for the grand event. It's a party, a ceremony - the context in which our human dance takes place. Everyone is invited to this party. If you are here, you received an invitation and chose to accept. Acceptance of the invitation gave you an entrance pass to earth so that you could experience this sensual world of delight and intrigue. The odd thing about this gala affair is that everyone who attends has a different experience. It is up to us what sort of experience we have. We are given a set of circumstances to work with and we have the creative license to create our own unique ritual while we are here.

Our lifetime itself is the ceremony. It is the container that holds the events, details, and creations of our existence. We chose this container prior to taking bodily form. This is predetermined, fixed in karmic law. We have some level of free will over our day-to-day choices: we can choose to take the road to the left or the road to the right, but if our contract says we will end up in the south then that is where either choice will lead us. The ceremony was arranged by the higher aspects of creation, and is a divine gift and opportunity.

Blessings, Wind Hughes

Offerings from Wind


With decades as a psychotherapist, Reiki Master, and spiritual teacher I have created a professional program I call Highest Good Coaching which taps into an individuals inherent wisdom, and incorporates a mind/body/spirit approach. I guide my clients in creating a Highest Good Staff representing what they desire to create in their lives. This staff becomes a symbol of all the individual desires to manifest in their inner and outer world and to which all of their choices are measured. Couples create one as well for the in tandem vision of their life together. Reiki, sound healing, drum clearing, ceremony, inner journeying (link here )and other powerful tools are at times incorporated into the process.


Energy Medicine & Sound Healing:


Energy flows in waves of varying frequencies (the number of cycles or completed alternations of a wave or oscillation per unit of time). Every emotion, thought, and state of consciousness has a signature frequency that is carried on energy waves. The unobstructed reception and transmission of the frequencies aligned with the highest human experiences is what we who are seekers spend our entire lives cultivating.

Science now supports the ancient knowledge that health is a mind, body & spiritual reality. As a Reiki Master, with extensive experience in various energy and sound healing modalities, I can help support balance and health in your underlying energy systems - which creates a core foundation for wellness to flourish. Reiki, sound healing & energy work are gentle, but powerful modalities. An integrative program is available combining energy work, and personal coaching, to help release underlying emotional blocks, re- vitalize your emotional and energetic body in support of your overall wellness. 



Early on I began to have visions and mystical experiences that became the foundation of everything in my life. I studied with teachers. I read every spiritual text I could get my hands on. I joined temples and groups practicing a variety of religions and spiritual practices. Yet, after years of study the most profound teachings still came from these mystical experiences. I saw cosmic truths in everything in front of me: all of nature, quantum physics, indigenous ceremonies, pagan rituals, a flower bud unfolding, death, life, everything reflected the spiritual truths I experienced in these visions.

My life became a ritual - a Shamanic practice that involves the understanding that everything we do and say imprints in the Natural Laws of Creation. I became a Feminine Shaman.

We are all powerful creators in this universe with much more power over our lives than most people understand.



Are you being called home - to a deeper, juicier connection with your spiritual life? I am here to help guide you home!

Join Wind Hughes for insightful and informative videos on her Feminine Shaman Channel on YouTube.

All of life is energy and through this energy we transmit, receive and connect.

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The Divine Feminine & The Divine Masculine

The Divine Feminine awakens to her divinity within the feminine embodiment.

The Divine Masculine awakens to his divinity within the masculine embodiment.

The Divine Feminine, as it lives in women and men, will lead the shift to a new world based on empowered collaboration, love for all humanity and a desire for inner and planetary peace.

The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine must work together, within each of us individually, and between the genders, to bring wholeness to our human expression on earth and to facilitate peace and transformation. One without the other is polarity - separation - limitation.

Awaken to your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Know the power of who you are! Stand up and celebrate coming together as we bring our lives, and our world, back into balance.

Everything reflects it's opposite within itself!

I initiate women into their Divine Feminine, and I train and initiate women wishing to take the vow of service as a priestess so they can be a facilitator of rituals and women's spiritual circles.

Learn More about my Womens Initiation Programs

I also facilitate men and women working together as allies and collaborative peacemakers in the world.

Becoming a Spiritual R-Evolutionary®

Life Is Not About Survival. It's About Waking Up!

The time is now to take your place as the creator of your life! Spiritual awakening is a political act that can change your life, and the world. It takes each one of us to create the change we envision.

As a child of the 60's I have spend most of my life contemplating how we as responsible, accountable humans can take peaceful action steps towards social change. I studied revolutions, the teachings of Gandhi and others, seeking wisdom and guidance for how we can effectively create peaceful, sustainable change in today's word. The more I studied, and the longer I have lived, it has become clear to me that the answer lives in the most cosmic of truths: our inner world of intention and energy frequency is the most subtle physical level that initial manifestation occurs.

I created Spiritual R-Evolutionary® -a manifesto, program and community, as guidance that any individual can apply to shape shifting our world, one person at a time, one intention at a time.

Quantum theory and the Natural Laws of Creation show us that we have the ability to impact the universe with every thought, emotion and action. We have the power to change the world by shifting our energy field but we need to do this together because waves of energy interact with other waves - we are not alone - we need each other to change this collective dream. We need you!

The power to transform our lives and this world is within us! LEARN MORE