Becoming a Spiritual R-Evolutionary®

Workshop/Presentation with Wind

Spiritual awakening is a powerful political act that can change your life, and the world.

When we spiritually awaken how we view the world, our lives and our choices changes.

The social and political implications become obvious.

It takes each one of us to create the change we envision - to dream a new dream of reality:

Our individual dream and our collective one.

We can change the world - one person, one intention at a time.

Waking up is the most powerful political action there is.

Once we awaken we can no longer pretend we do not know what we know.

Then What?

As a child of the 60's I have spend most of my life contemplating how we as responsible, accountable humans can take peaceful action steps towards social change. I studied revolutions, the teachings of Gandhi and others, seeking wisdom and guidance for how we can effectively create peaceful, sustainable change in today's word.

The more I studied, and the longer I have lived, it has become clear to me that the answer lives in the most cosmic of truths: Our inner world of intention and energy frequency is the most subtle physical level that initial manifestation, and action, occurs.

Quantum theory and the Natural Laws of Creation show us that we have the ability to impact the universe with every thought, emotion and action. We have the power to change the world by shifting our energy field but we need to do this together because waves of energy interact with other waves - we are not alone - we need each other to change this collective dream.

We need you!

Wind will coach you in clarifying your path, creating steps for action & developing tools for manifesting your intention as a Spiritual R-Evolutionary.

Wind makes these seemingly esoteric and powerful manifesto principles simple and attainable. With compassion, laughter and truthful reflection Wind dives in and helps you to clarify what is significant to you in a manner that can be easily incorporated into your life.

The Spiritual R-Evolutionary Manifesto

A Spiritual R-Evolutionary Understands - We are creator...transcend the illusion of separateness.

  • understands that the ultimate political action is to awaken spiritually.

  • understands that a world of spiritually awakened beings is politically challenging to current institutions.

  • understands living life as a conscious & loving citizen of earth.

  • understands that we are all aspects of the same spirit and thus to harm another is to harm ourselves.

  • understands that one person hungry is being hungry ourselves.

  • understands that all the children are our children.

  • understands that the truth of who we are is in the stillness of the silence.

  • understands the Natural Laws of Creation.

  • understands their responsibility as a conscious and awakened co-creator of this universe.

  • understands the importance of being a conscious & loving guardian of whatever money is in their custody.

  • understands the implications of many awakened souls becoming guardians of as much money as possible so they may utilize the energetic exchange of money for the conscious good of all.

  • understands, with compassion, the limited human consciousness and dedicates energy to transcending all that limits their awakening.

  • understands that every moment becomes another opportunity to love, create & manifest.

  • understands that every breath, thought, emotion, action, word is an energetic investment in an intention of creation.

  • understands that miracles and visions are ordinary occurrences.

  • understands that there is an ever expanding understanding of what it means to be a Spiritual R-Evolutionary.

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