Let’s get real - Human and real.

Divine Sisters and Divine brothers – This is not a time for division, polarization and ugliness. We are being called to be more than this. We are being called to be Allies.

Painting by Autumn Skye

Painting by Autumn Skye

Sisters and brothers,

No spiritual metababble here today. No sweet airy words. 

Let’s get real - Human and real.

I am observing as we each try and make our way during these challenging times. I am a child of the sixties. I also, “Me Too” like so many, have experienced violence and assault from men: I have been sexually assaulted, drugged twice, had a gun to my head, I could go on.  My cousin,  who I was very close to, was murdered by her husband. I experienced a rage I did not know was in me and really believed I could harm her husband if he was in front of me at that time.  My heart hurt so deeply and my anger, and grief, was enormous. I learned so much about myself and the darkness that I was shocked to see rise in my being.

Client after client has shared with me their story of rape, incest and sexual assault. Not all of these stories were of men assaulting women. Some were of women assaulting men. Most were men assaulting women & girls, but there were more than just a few instances of women assaulting men & boys.

I am a feminist from the early days, a time when declaring that would create all sorts of angry and awful reactions from people and the media.

As a psychotherapist I have worked for decades with abused women, children and men. I was a college teacher and one of the classes I taught was Identifying and Treating Child Abuse.

I cried as I watched the testimony given by Christine Ford as she described the sexual assault she experienced. I felt her deep pain. I saw the struggle she was living with. And I also cried watching Brett Kavanaugh speak.  

I cried for all humanity  - all the women – all the men. I cried for all of us unconscious, un-evolved souls that struggle to awaken. I cried for the division that is growing in our country. I cried for so much. 

Brett Kavanaugh knows the truth and whether he is publically found “guilty” or not he alone will reap the karmic justice. I imagine that part of Christine’s coming forward is part of her healing. I hope so.

We have to process any sort of violence that has befallen us, and all of those who have walked before us. Their pain is our pain and lives in our collective consciousness.

I call each of us to be careful. Our western culture encourages living from victimhood.  We are encouraged to claim our experience of assaults, addictions, violence – you name it and to claim it as if it is who we are: I am John Smith or Jane Smith and I am an alcoholic, survivor of this or that. It encourages us to spend thousands of dollars healing, paying doctors, psychologists, and taking medications for our anxiety, depression and PTSD. This corporate culture profits from our victim-hood.    

These events are not who we are. They are events that have colored our lives and become a part of our history. They sculpted and molded our lives in deep ways.

But that is not who we are.

We are being called to wake up. That requires we no longer live from our victimhood as if it is who we are.

We are being called to do our work. Do our healing and live from the core of our being, which is powerful, transcendent, sovereign spirit embodied.

I was so politically active for so long. I walked with the Black Panthers at the Constitutional Convention in DC in the early 70’s. I want to acknowledge a brilliant speaker, whose name I wish I could remember, who spoke that day the Constitutional Convention. He spoke about change, about revolution, about race and economics.  He was brilliant but at the time I did not know that.  He professed that the change we were seeking would not occur for at least 30-40 years from then – the early 70.s. Why? – He said the economics that create poverty and financial strain would not hit the white middle class until decades from that day. He gave the economic theory to back up his claims – but again I missed his brilliance that day.

I can say now through the eye of reflection that comes with time, as I have watched much of what he said that day unfold, that he was right. So very right. 

The middle class is all but gone. The white middle class is now feeling the awful struggle of not having enough money to live a respectful life with guaranteed education, health care and housing, that our sisters and brothers, of many races including a few white poor folks, I being one of them in my early years, have known for so long.

So here we sit as a people in the midst of political unrest, racism on the rise and now the gender unrest is rising again.  

This time it is a well educated white woman making the claims of assault. Not Anita Hill, not the many, many poor people, the majority being sisters and men of color, who in the past have accused someone of harming them, and were turned away without justice.

It is all unfolding as he professed decades ago.

As Bob Marley sings in Redemption song – “We’ve got to fulfill the book.”

The collective shift is happening and we are witnessing this in our lifetime.

A real awakening is happening and it is being seen on the physical plane, manifesting as great change. And – along with the awakening the darkness is rearing it’s head and the powers at large know this is the perfect opportunity to use this physical manifestation of this shift, the rising darkness, the tipping point, to divide and conquer.

Divide and conquer: a political strategy that allows an oppressor to gain control of a people, a land, a country, a collective psyche by dividing the masses as a means of disempowering them.

My hair is graying rapidly and the years are ticking by.  I don’t attend as many marches as back in the day. My activism looks different now.

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Age provides us a beautiful and powerful perspective and wisdom that comes from living and spans time. The distance allows us to look back in a different way than a younger person does. There is true wisdom living in a person who has lived a bit.

My heart has learned to live with the scars of deep, deep loss. My reactive mind has learned to allow the reactions to rise, be faced and then allowed to flow on.

Yes anger has a place.

Yes Justice has a place and being responsible for our actions and taking the consequences of those actions is only right.

Remember - Not one of us is innocent. We are all responsible for our actions. We all have done things that make us cringe when we think about it.

We have to stay awake now.

We have to search our hearts to find a place where once we have processed the anger, grief, loss and pain, we can choose to not live as victims, not live from whatever violation has occurred as if it is all of who we are.

We can choose instead to live as empowered beings.

We must be vigilant in our own self observation, conscious choices and spiritual practices to not allow the ugliness, the fear, the anger, polarization, division, and the darkness to consume us. We must live beyond the racial and gender divide that is so pervasive in our world.

Divine Sisters and Divine Brothers – we must move ahead as empowered ALLIES in this awakening process and support each, learn again to trust each other.  We must live from our empowered selves.

If we broke our leg we would not continue to hobble around living   each day from the memory of the accident that caused the break, long after our leg has healed. We might have a scar that on occasion feels tender to the touch, but would not continue to live as if our leg was still broken.

We must not be seduced by this ugliness.

We must be kind to ourselves and each other.

Surround ourselves with conscious friends and community so we live from our sovereign spirit and remember what is possible.

Remember who we are, and who we are together.

To my sisters and brothers – I walk with you in our pain. I walk with you in our healing.

I walk with you in our conscious process of being ALLIES, not enemies.

I walk with you as the sovereign powerful beings we truly are.