The Light Magazine 2003


The Sacred Wheel is a universal symbol of life and nature that exists in traditions of many Earth Based cultures from around the world. Each culture expresses the teachings reflected in the wheel in their own way, yet the common themes explore the cycles and frequencies of nature.

This often includes: moon phases, the resonance of color, animal spirits, stages of life, seasons and other aspects that are used as tools for understanding the Natural Law of Spirit embodied in the rhythms and cycles of the natural world. This wheel is divided into 4 directions. Each direction is a point in a cycle with corresponding elements and rhythms and often an associated animal spirit. For example in some Native American systems the Bear lives in the West, yet in some South American traditions the West is home to the Jaguar. Each area on Earth is home to different species of animals and a different turning of the seasons in time, so the corresponding animals, colors and natural elements of any particular direction will reflect the resonance of that specific location and place on Earth.
You may find that a different animal speaks to you for that direction. All of this information is available to us personally if we listen closely to Nature, watch her changing form and her creatures. They are all telling us a story, guiding us to see each day in it’s place on the wheel, its place in our life cycle, each season, each color, animal, all of life reflected in nature teaches us how to walk united and in balance with spirit and natural law. The more our awareness and frequency is aligned with natural law, the more conscious and sacred life becomes and the more we live in harmony with our soul’s purpose.

I will list some of the most common teachings and associations held in each direction, synthesized from various Earth based & Pagan traditions, so that you may begin to understand some of the wisdom that the Sacred Wheel teaches us. In addition to what is listed below listen inwardly to your own wisdom that each direction speaks to you.


Color: yellow

Season: Spring, Spring Equinox

Moon Phase: waxing

Sun: rising sun

Life Cycle Archetype: woman/maiden, man/page

Qualities: Seeds of new beginnings, rebirth & resurrection, potential, visions & initiations, inner and outer light returning. Spring Equinox brings a brief moment when polarities are in harmony/balance.

Animal Spirit: EAGLE Medicine is the connection to the divine. It is the ability to stay connected to spirit yet remain grounded on the Earth plane – or as Christ said, "To be in the world, but not of the world".


Color: red

Season: Summer, Summer Solstice

Moon Phase: full

Sun: full,risen sun

Life Cycle Archetype: woman/mother, man/father

Qualities: Actualized visions and potential, wholeness, overcoming darkness, creative forces in action, managing power and accepting what is manifested. Summer Solstice brings a time of actualization manifested and oneness in the light.

Animal Spirit: COYOTE Medicine is that of the trickster. Coyote brings humor to the drama of our journey and teaches us of the fool.


Color: black

Season: Fall, Fall Equinox

Moon Phase: waning

Sun: setting sun

Life Cycle Archetype: woman/ goddess-queen, man/king

Qualities: Preparing to return within, introspection and inner wisdom, shadow calls, learning to trust letting go as do the leaves from the tree. Fall Equinox is again when polarities are in balance,

Animal Spirit: BEAR Medicine is in the power of introspection. Bear goes within to the deepest truth, into the cave world of inner life and wisdom, and retreats to the womb world of mother Earth.


Color: white

Season: winter, winter solstice

Moon Phase: void

Sun: sun has set

Life Cycle Archetype: woman/ crone, man/wise man

Qualities: Inner world, completion of cycles, void, still, embraced by the womb, embracing the shadow, death, peace of resolution, winter solstice teaches to embrace the ultimate darkness and still feel the stirring of potential beneath.

Animal Spirit: BUFFALO Medicine comes through prayer, abundance and gratitude. Buffalo carries our prayers to the heavens, as does the smoke of the pipe brought to the people by White Buffalo Calf Woman.