Feminine Shaman Uncovered Natural Laws of Creation

Life Is the Ceremony: How We Live It Is the Ritual. The Journey of a Feminine Shaman
Imagine how your life would change if you discovered the secrets to understanding the Natural Laws of Creation? What if you could access the wisdom of the ancients directly and were able to live your life as a spiritually awakened being, with an open heart, creating the life you dream of?

Wind Hughes is a modern-day feminine shaman. In this book, she takes you on a journey out of the confines of the body to the expanded reaches of spiritual experience beyond life as we know it. Life Is the Ceremony chronicles her visions, mystical experiences, meeting with teachers from other dimensions, and her use of ceremony to call in her soul mate. By sharing her personal journey through the mystical and quantum realms, Wind makes the transcendent life accessible to everyone. Readers journey along with Wind as she weaves a tapestry of her remarkable journey as a different sort of child growing up in Brooklyn, NY, becoming a mom at 15, her insights into human nature through her career as a psychotherapist , all while integrating her mystical experiences and visions into her life and career.
Her story inspires us all to create a life, and a world, that is meaningful & joyful even as we navigate these challenging times.

This book is a practical how-to guide for living your own unique conscious and awakened life, and becoming the powerful manifestor that you are. It is a map leading to the doorway that opens to the other side. Awakening and becoming a Spiritual R-Evolutionary is the most powerful personal and political act. Individually, we can change the planet. You may laugh, you may cry: you will come away transformed. Life Is the Ceremony: Wind interweaves her professional life as a psychotherapist in northern California into her spiritual experience and mystical visions, providing the reader an intimate insight into our human journey and our desire for a deeper understanding of life. Wind's candid style of writing is evident in her award-winning first book. Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun: Young Women and Mentors on the Transition to Womanhood (co-authored with Linda Wolf, available from New Society Publishers). The book, which has been translated into Chinese, is based on a two-year project for teens designed to empower young women and facilitate healthy relationships between the genders. Those who shared their wisdom include Maya Angelou, the Indigo Girls, Riane Eisler, Angela Davis, Starhawk, Robert Bly, and many others. Wind has also authored two children.s books and produced many DVDs and CDs of her work. She travels widely, bringing her teachings to conferences and workshops. She has been interviewed on both international radio and television.

A must-read for all who believe in change, on every level. Wind Hughes is a remarkable woman and writer. She is able her deepest experiences on the page and to guide the reader through varying levels of consciousness and manifestation. Her intention of making ours a better world comes through, as does her desire for all to live in joy. I found this to be an extremely inspirational read and keep it by my writing desk for continued guidance.

Laurie Greigon
New Age Journal

Life is the Ceremony
How We Live It Is the Ritual

The Journey of a Feminine Shaman

by Wind Hughes

Outskirts Press

Copyright 2014 Wind Hughes

I have, upon one or two rare occasions, had the privilege of sitting at the knee of a wise feminine shaman for a blessed hour or so. Such experiences are precious, but too short to have all one.s questions answered, or to absorb all the wisdom one would desire.

In Life is a Ceremony, Wind Hughes imparts to us much of the wisdom she has acquired on her journey to become a true Feminine Shaman. She has traveled over this world, and journeyed to many others. She has met, worked with, and learned from wise beings sent here to guide her, and ultimately to guide us all.

Wind is a gifted writer, communicator, and storyteller. Wisdom does not always go hand in hand with clear articulation, but Wind has both a firmly centered and grounded body of wisdom, and a faculty for simple but moving prose. Much of what she writes we have heard in some form or other before, but her clarity of purpose, organization of thoughts, and simple concise explanation of the organizing principles of the Universe - how things work on a metaphysical and physical level - is fresh and enlightening. This combination seems to create a alchemical magic on the page, bringing to life what might otherwise be dry repetitions of familiar New Age thought. Added to this are some new and inspiring pearls of wisdom.

Wind takes us with her as she journeys from initiate to shaman. As she discovers her powers and her path, she shares with us her visionary experiences, her conversations with beings who come to guide her and give her valuable information about parallel worlds, the space between, wolf medicine, The Sacred Wheel, and much more.

Life is The Ceremony is a revelation. I urge readers of The Wave not to miss this opportunity to sit at the knee of this wise feminine shaman, and learn and benefit from her lifetime of hard won experiences.

Life is The Ceremony: How We Live It Is The Ritual, by Wind Hughes, is available at Amazon.com and at OutSkirtsPress.com

Stacey Mohr
The Wave Holistic Journal