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Parents & Teens Sacred Circle: An Intergenerational Wkshp.

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A 1-day event for Mothers, Fathers, Daughters & Sons!

Dare to Create an Extraordinary Relationship.

Cultivate a more authentic, honest, deeper relationship.

Build Compassionate and openhearted communication.

Learn each other’s unique communication style.

How to delineate and communicate clear and appropriate boundaries.

Be seen and heard in the safety of the sacred circle.

Cultivate an honest appreciation & understanding of who you each are as unique individuals.

Explore genuine common ground.

See yourselves mirrored, and learn as you listen to other parents & teens share their story.

WHO should attend:
Any parent & teen looking for an opportunity to grow their relationship.

REQUIREMENTS: Must be a willing to dive in truthfully, sharing who they are as individuals & have the desire to be more than ordinary.

AGES: Parents of all ages & teens 13-18yrs

Your Investment:
1 parent & 1 teen: $250
2 parents 1 teen: $325
Each additional teen: $50 per teen

Must register by: April, 13th, 2019
Call: (707) 772-6928

Wind Hughes, MS, LMFT (WA) has over 35 years as a Psychotherapist, Highest Good Coach™, Reiki Master, Spiritual Guide, Inspirational and Transformational teacher & presenter. She is author of the award winning book - Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun: Young Women & Mentors on the Transition to Womanhood and her recent book - Life Is The Ceremony, How You Live It Is The Ritual: The Journey of a Feminine Shaman. Wind has been clinical director, therapist and administrator of three therapeutic adolescent facilities, as well as a college instructor in CA & WA. Wind facilitated a teen program titled Intimacy Yes and was the previous co-founder of a 501c3 for teens - currently named Teen Talking Circles. Wind has loved, laughed, cried and grown from raising her children & stepchildren through their teen years.

Workshop is held in Sebastopol California, Location to be announced when you register.