All of the “Shaman Workshops” will cover these core areas,

though emphasis on individual core elements will vary.

The Sacred Wheel:

We will focus on aligning with the flow of quantum energies as mirrored in the Sacred Wheel - seasons, moon cycles, elements, directions: east, south, west and north, archetypes as life passages & mystical teachings of the wheel which are all essential to working with the Natural laws of Creation.  We will also explore the Sabbats as they live on the Sacred Wheel as a powerful guide to living a conscious path, incorporating the sacred and aligning our tools for creation with the powers of the given Sabbat.

Setting a Clear & Powerful Intention:

You will learn how to create a focused intention - specific to your desire, cleared from mental and emotional limitations and be able to incorporate this into your daily ritual for manifestation.

Ritual & Ceremony:

Ritual and ceremony are essential to a vibrant life and empowering our creative forces. You will learn how to incorporate the Natural Laws of Creation into many aspects of ritual including rituals for creation & manifestation, healing, prayer, and celebrations. Included will be the understanding of the difference between simple and trance ritual, the use of drumming, chant and sound.

Life Passages:

Archetypes of Maiden/Page, Mother/Father, Queen/King & Crone/Wise Man

Participants will embark on a personal exploration of how these archetypes live within us, on the Sacred Wheel, and how they relate to creation & ritual.

Highest Good Coaching:

In the safe container of the sacred circle of participants you will become each other’s Highest Good Coach - with kindness, compassion, objective reflection and feedback you will support each members intention of creation, and reflect when members appear to be getting in their own way - limiting their powers.